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With thirty years of experience, Elaine Avinoam knows first hand the challenges of classroom teaching.  
Teachers who partner with Elaine transform their practice.  Together, they design ways to fuel literacy, make learning fun, inspire confidence and create community. 

 empowers K-12 teachers with new tools, resources and strategies for learning.   Her creative approach to blended, differentiated, instruction has become an invaluable asset for public and private school districts in New York State.  


Michelle D, ELA Teacher
Bronx, NY

It surprised me how fast you can get going with online learning when the coach is effective, informed, and interested in the student experience above all.

Students Typing at Their Computers

Karen S., ELA Teacher
Yonkers, NY 

Elaine, thank you for all your support this year. You make my job a lot easier with your creative ideas. You always give advice in a positive nurturing way. Meeting with you was always the highlight of my day. I knew I would come out of the meeting with ideas and help to make my life easier. You are the best!!!  

A.R., Technology Teacher
Bronx, NY

Thank you so much Ms. Elaine.   Your support, knowledge, professionalism and assistance has been greatly valued. In this time of uncertanty in our learning community; your steady pace, know how, and reliability has been key in helping me evolve the boundaries of technology in the classroom.  You have helped me in developing strategies to work with other professionals, and in learning how to keep a fresh and engaged perspective on the old challenges we face in the classroom - coupled with new technology tools and appropriate application.