My services might include (based on your child’s needs): 

  • Interpreting the school curriculum to individualize learning in a fun and dynamic way.

  • Distilling challenging content to make it clear and comprehensible to your child.

  • Setting personal, attainable, learning goals with your child for this year. 

  • Focusing on individual creativity, as well as mastery of content and skills.

  • Simplifying instructional skills to help to make sense of the remote or hybrid instructional platform that your child’s school is using.

  • Teaching your child time-management and executive function skills.

  • Supporting authentic literacy with proven strategies for reading and writing.


Your child should enjoy a solid learning experience, regardless of the platform your school district uses.

  • One-on-one review of assignments.

  • Time management strategies to reduce stress.

  • Reading and writing support.

  • Content comprehension tips and tricks.


Please make an appointment to discuss the specific needs of your classroom and organization.

Teachers and Schools


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